Thursday, 11 April 2019

Dinner Party Fun for Upcoming Holidays

Now that the first few months of the year are out of the way, spring weather has begun to roll in, and Easter is just around the corner, signifying the first major holiday of the year that’s not celebrated during the winter.

With holidays come get togethers with the family, and almost every family likes to celebrate and spend time together around a dinner table eating delicious home-cooked food.

Heck, even get togethers with friends and coworkers usually end up in dinner parties, too.

As you begin to prepare for hosting such dinners, though, you’re probably thinking of ways to make it inviting, unique, and fun. Try picking up a few small boxes to create some candy boxes for your guests in their seats with their favorite treats. Here are a few ideas on getting started with the upcoming holidays and events.

Memorial Day

A lot of folks like to get together with their family and friends around this weekend in May because the weather is almost always beautiful, the Indy 500 is huge in America, and it’s one of the first weekends that most people get off work for 3 days. Barbecues are big around this time of year, and so are American flags. Decorate your candy boxes with some miniature flags and even some colorful flowers to celebrate the warm spring weather.

4th of July

Again, American flags will come to mind first here, but other cool designs like fireworks, grills, and even pool-related images would fit perfectly on your guests’ dinner boxes that you’ve worked hard to create and specialize for them.

Game parties

Many people take the opportunity afforded by time with family and friends to play board games or card games. Use the gift boxes during your dinner as a way to jumpstart the game night! You can fill each person’s box with a hand of playing cards or a group of Scrabble tiles or, if it’s a mystery party, their character for the mystery.

The whole point of these boxes is to personalize them to your guests’ interests and the theme of the evening, whether it’s seasonal, a holiday, or a special event. Have fun in what you create!

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