Friday, 2 June 2017

Why Packaging is Important

The way candy boxes are created today tells a lot about the product and the kinds of people that are supposed to buy them. For example, hypothetically, take a Hershey bar out of its wrapper and remove all hints of the brand and place it next to another similar chocolate bar. The average consumers would not be able to discern between the two, and when the only thing a potential buyer sees is cost, they always go for the cheaper option. Therefore, A major reason for a consumer to buy one product than another is the marketing behind the product packaging and the emotions consumers have developed with the brand. Think, why do people buy one energy drink over another? People buy products that are more expensive than others all the time even though they are, for all intensive purposes, the same thing. When the value in the consumer's mind is higher than the cost of a product in general, people buy. 

For this reason, companies are getting creative with their candy boxes because to them it is polarizing for their brands. Humans are an intrinsically visual creature with hundreds of things competing for our attention every day. Everyone is hyper-connected to each other through our cell phones and the internet which is a good thing for viral marketing. However, since we have instant access to an unlimited source of information and entertainment our attention spans for any one thing are significantly reduced. In today's world, it is getting increasingly important to stand out from the crowd and have something new to offer. When a product that is different is developed and knows the market it is catering to the demographic can not help but be drawn to it. Branding at its finest can be a window into a company's soul and their core values. Creating an emotional connection to a brand is what makes consumers buy a product rather than another. That is why with some of the designs that have interesting opening mechanics or art that speaks to the demographic naturally do better. They leave an impression that in some ways is novel but would not be forgotten. Everyone subconsciously judges what the candy must taste like just by looking at the package it comes in. That is why it is important to make it look like melt in your mouth goodness. That is not to say that the actual flavor of the candy in question doesn't matter. A company could have an outstanding package design that just blows anything else away but if the candy itself doesn't taste good people are not coming back for more. 

Lastly, the issue of sustainability for the future is becoming increasingly important for everyone around the world. Now more than ever it is important to think about how something is going to be thrown away. In my opinion, it is always nice to see a company that is conscious of our environment opting for recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Consumers are becoming more aware of this issue and it can give them that extra reason to buy. Packaging is important, it is how we pass judgment on something before we have had a chance to get our hands on it and serves as our initial impression of a company.

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